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Illustration Friday’s topic for the first week of January was Renewal. As with most things around here, life and kiddos got in the way of making the submission deadline. Even so, I thought it was worth finishing what I started. The pale jade color and floral design sprang straight out of the arctic cold and snow that blew in last week. I definitely needed a reminder that under the frozen ground, a renewal awaits!


A Clean Slate

puebla series

:: Happy 2010! Brand spanking new Sakura Pigma Micron pens  (thanks, mom) and the beautiful tile and pottery designs of Mexico inspired new scribbles in this New Year ::

To Our Sweet Susannah

Happy 15th birthday, baby girl!

You’ve grown into a such a smart, fun, strong, talented, beautiful girl and we’re totally captivated.

We love you to the moon!


…congratulations on beastin’ it through this grueling weekend of volleyball tryouts! 

You’ll be a great asset to your new team and we’re so proud of you.

Spike on!

Snow Balls

christmas09cards-snowball(1) SAM: Mommy, how come you snowman ohney habs one baw?

DADDY: Because, Sam, two balls is more than any snowman will ever need. ((ba-boom-sisssss))


I haven’t sent Christmas cards in years. Okay, never. I’ve never sent a Christmas card. I have no good excuse, but this year I’m making up for it big time. Not only am I sending cards, I am…*wait for it*….stippling my own pen and ink designs. I hope to have six different designs, but I’ll be happy if I can get two more finished in time for printing (I have two ready). Before I can print, though, I have to work out my scanner issues—the issues being that I (1) no longer have one that works and I (2) can’t afford the one I want right now, so I (3) have to find somebody who has a decent one I can use. Does Kinkos do that kind of work? Hmmm. Unfortunately, I put more than 10 hours and a bazillion jillion layers of dots—no lines, only dots— into Mr. Snowballman alone. Then, by the time I took his photo and corrected shadows, I lost most of his charming detail. My ornament design didn’t fare much better. Frustrating, but I still have some time to work things out.


BTW, Sam and I are feeling better. Sam still has a horrific, croupy cough, but he’s back to school after missing everyday last week. Eli has already had whatever we’ve passed around and Susie is in the recovery phase which means Keith and Annie are the last two standing. And I’d like to keep it that way. I haven’t seen my sweet Ellie in almost three weeks and we’re finally well enough to have her later this week. I miss her!



Sam & I are sick and miserable :(

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